Field Trip to Publicide Inc

Recently Stephanie and I had the opportunity to visit Publicide Inc. They are a cool print shop in NYC that specializes in letterpress and custom off-set printing. You have an idea? They can print it - from business cards to custom invitations the options are endless. They offer a number of finishes and variety of paper types that one can't even count. Not to mention their craftsmanship is stunning. Stephanie and I couldn't help but "ohh and ahh" over the samples they presented to us. 

I think what touched me the most was that despite Publicide's airy, modern office and their chic finished products they craft each piece of work by hand with such care and all on a Heidelberg press. It is so rare these days to find such quality. It was amazing to know that away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there are people in a studio still using the same techniques and machines my grandfather used when he was a printer in the 50's. Publicide's idea of craftsmanship is something that we at Go! Bespoke value and believe in, that's why we're so excited to work with them on your future invitations.