White Dress, Red Lips

The holidays make for a festive time! It’s the one time of the year where everything feels a little extra special and you can get away with wearing anything sparkly or even a bold lip! I personally love wearing red nail polish during the month of December- not only is it festive but it's old school glam.

So if you’re having a December wedding why not sport a red lip or a red manicure on your special day? Not into red- then opt for a cranberry. Each look is beautiful and classic, so no need to worry about if your look will be “dated” years from now. Have fun and play up this festive look!

go bespoke_red lips

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A Note to Our Readers

It is my sincerest apology that our blog has taken a very long disco-nap. Please do not fret we are back just in time for the holiday season. With new ideas, trends, and of course here to answer any of your bridal questions. As always we hope that Beluxe is a source of inspiration, style, and information, to all brides and readers.





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Go! Lights

There is nothing like an evening wedding...perhaps it's the thrill, excitement, or romance that floats through.  As many of you readers know we love our candles. They can make any room or atmosphere romantic, cozy, or better yet sexy.  But a new trend that we are seeing are light signage. Why do we love it? It can warm up any venue, and draw your guest eye to a specific focal point. Have fun with this idea and place one at your bar or DJ booth.

Go! Bespoke_wedding light

Choose signage such as the word love, your initials, wedding theme, or simply your wedding date. It's a playful idea that your guests will definitively be impressed with. It adds just the right amount of glitz and warms to an evening reception.  Just don't over-do it with strands of light's hanging from the ceiling, this is your wedding day not Junior Prom! 

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Flower Girl 101

You’re having a flower girl at your wedding- adorable! However, a big affair like a wedding can overwhelm a little one. So we gathered up a few ideas to help her feel special and at ease on your big day.

Quality Time

Whether it’s getting your nails done, picking out her dress, or bringing her to your dress fitting, going the extra mile for your niece or family friend will really make them feel a part of your big day!

Special Something

Give her a special token to help her remember your wedding by. Chances are she is young, so help make a memorable experience by giving her something special to remember your wedding by. Whether it’s a necklace, asking her to to be your flower girl, or a pair of pearl earrings as a thank you; a little something makes her feel all the more special.

Flower Crown

There is nothing more adorable or on trend then a little girl wearing flowers in her hair! Try a flower crown or even baby’s breath, the look is ethereal and sweet.

Savor the Moment

Opt for a special photo with your flower girl or let her be a part of the fun as you get ready in your bridal suite. Or better yet, save her a dance. She’ll feel like one of the girls but more importantly feel important on your big day.

Do you have any special ideas for your flower girl? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Hair Trends

Ladies, it pains me to say this but flowers crowns are out.  I'm sorry to all the boho brides-to-be but this look has officially been retired. As a fan of flower crowns I'm sad to see them go, but who knows maybe they'll make an appearance down the line again. So, what replaces the floral crown? Head pieces! You can go ethereal, bejeweled, or vintage... there's a look for every brides style. But it definitely still appeals to our boho-brides.  If head pieces aren't your thing, then opt for an intricate clip instead. Leave the flower crown to your flower girl! 

Are you sad to see this look go? Tell us your thoughts below! 

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The White Dress...Decoded

You've dreamed about your wedding dress since you were little...but did you ever wonder why it's white or grand? The traditional gown dates back to 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert. Royal weddings we greatly copied then as they are now (Hi Duchess Kate) as a sign of admiration. Not only was Victoria's choice a fashionable one but more symbolic. The Queen chose white because it represents innocence and purity. Which were qualities that Victorians extremely valued.

The white traditional gown has made its mark around the world in many cultures and is certainly here to stay. Leave it to Queens to set the trend!

Painting: Winterhalter, 1842

Photo: www.stylemepretty.com

Bridal Separates: J.Crew Collection

As promised we are dishing our next segment on the J.Crew bridal collection. But none-the-less their separates collection is so on trend. This season brides are stepping out of the box and walking down the aisle in two-pieces...and at Go! Bespoke we're totally digging it. From crop tops, to tool skirts, this line is fresh and still feminine.  One item we're loving is their floral beaded top, paired with their tuxedo pant and you are ready to say "I Do". 


What do you think of this look, do you like the new trend?

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